He ora te whakapiri

There is strength in unity

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Human development is shaped by the physical and human environment at all stages of life, so life course research is vital for improving health and wellbeing outcomes. What is the future of life course research in New Zealand? How can we all contribute and be involved? Where is this research heading? These questions were addressed at a major symposium He Ora te Whakapiri: Unleashing the potential of New Zealand’s life course research this week hosted by the three health and wellbeing National Science Challenges, A Better Start, Healthier Lives and Ageing Well. The symposium brought together leading thinkers about life course research from New Zealand and overseas, and serves to create new synergies to apply innovative research to help New Zealanders live healthy and successful lives.

Professor Wayne Cutfield, Professor Jim Mann, Professor David Baxter

Directors, A Better Start, Healthier Lives, and Ageing Well
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